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FAIRE Logo Design, Typeface: Larsseit, 2017



Kate Watts, the former U.S. president at Huge, needed visual identity design for her start-up digital experience agency: Faire.


Faire is excited, strives to learn and grow, accepts imperfections and flaws — and is intimate for exceptional and evolutionary experiences between people and brands.

The aim was to communicate this energy and intimacy while maintaining a contemporary, bold, and innovative approach.

The logotype is given a quirk as a personification of the letter R of the word “restless.” One of the R’s legs is extended to demonstrate a pre-motion stance—ready to run. 

R’s extension also communicates Faire’s willingness for intimacy as it tries to get closer to the letter E of the word “experience.”

The tagline “in Restless Pursuit” is always placed in distance to the logo—vertical and horizontal. 

This approach creates a visual sense of progress. The logo never reaches the tagline. 

Faire never reaches perfection. Therefore, Faire always grows.