22X29.5, Matte Inkjet Print, 2017

Experimental Poster Design

37 Casco

37 Casco is a set of two posters—a playful take on apartment living.  

37 Casco is the name of the street where my first apartment was. I was inspired by all the different people living in my building. I've been observing each of them as I came across to them in the hallway or elevator. Gradually I built a certain perception of each even if I didn't interact.

The posters feature my subjective perception of each of my neighbors through the lens of their apartment doors. I took photos of their doors and stole the apartment list to find the names without their consent or knowledge. 

I wrote descriptions about all of them on what I deduced or thought, and I lied too. Facts, fictions, and opinions were all mixed together under their names. The individuality was there but it was distorted—just like in real life.