Ozlenen Ozbicerler is a Senior Designer & Art Director specializing in User Experience and Interface Design.
        She focuses on creative problem-solving and forward visual design to create memorable, engaging and strategic design solutions.

UI/UX Design
Responsive Web Design
Interaction Design

Sobol/Active is a product strategy and design practice focused on helping ambitious leaders and entrepreneurs build products and companies.


MIT Workshop Series
Print Design
Web Design

Ongoing seasonal design for event assets for Political Science Department Workshop Series at Massachussets Institute of Technology.


Logo Design
Art Direction

Faire is a strategic design firm.

Faire is excited, strives to learn and grow, accepts imperfections and flaws — and is intimate for exceptional and evolutionary experiences between people and brands. 


Artist Book
Publication Design
Editorial Design

Publication design for Jessica Hankey’s single-channel video installation Le Survivant (the Survivor) (2020) that looks at the 1979 record sale of William Nelson Copley’s collection of Surrealist art through the lens of former sex worker Marjorie Annapav.

By Artist
Jessica Hankey

Double Vision

Artist Book
Book Design
Editorial Design

A Long Wait: Double Vision is an artist book published in conjunction with the 2018 installation developed at Fort Gorges in Portland, Maine.

By Artists
Andrea Steves
Francois Hughes
Yulia Pinkusevich

Edited by
Rose Linke

Published by Orbis Editions

Salidas y Entradas

Exhibition Design
Print Design

Salidas is a layered film that combines documentary footage of recreational activities at the senior centers (bingo, line dancing, water aerobics) with fictional, improvised scenes that range from comic send-ups of television melodrama, to uncannily realistic encounters.

By Artists
Jessica Hankey
Erin Johnson

A Family Album:
How to Clean a House

Artist Book

A 20-page book of postcards that combines instructions on how to clean someone’s house as a domestic worker with milestones from the migration experience of the artist's family.

By Artist
Carolina González Valencia

Published by
Orbis Editions

The Non-Planner

Experimental Design
Publication Design

Planners are usually made to organize one’s life, to promote better time-management and productivity, whereas The Non-Planner is designed to trick the user out of it all.

The cranky voice in my head, my alter-ego, is personified as my experimental planner for the year 2018–2019.


Experimental Design
Publication Design

Vigil, a fictional mini-journal, is a self-initiated project born out of my curiosity in the Flow theory by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

Sky Level Ground

Experimental Design
Zine Design

Experimental zine design based on conveying the shift of perspective at the Eastern Promenade Trail from ground to the sky.

Self-initiated design is aimed to change the experience of walking by promoting an awSareness of one’s surroundings.

In collaboration with
Portland Trails


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